Products With An IQ.


Point of sale systems should do more than perform simple day-to-day functions. They should help keep track of inventory, ensure businesses remain compliant with industry regulations, and process transactions with precision and accuracy.  Our platform thinks and make suggestions, points out imperfections in your process, and provides ideas that help with accuracy and compliance.



Effortless Accuracy & Compliance

Tracking, reconciling, and reporting inventory becomes simple and fast with Weave inventory management. What used to take hours now can be done in minutes, and can integrate directly to METRC to ensure your business stays in synch with government laws and regulations.



Intelligence Meets Simplicity

Processing a transaction is simple, fast, accurate, and brings a new level of accountability to the business. Our transaction platform is 2 to 3 times faster than any other solution and offers the highest degree of precision to ensure METRC integrations and government compliance at each step of the process.



Maximum Accuracy

Introducing the most comprehensive pricing platform to maximize transaction accuracy. It will satisfy your varied requirements and accommodate all of the pricing options you offer—no matter how diverse.



Full Medical Support

Easily maintain your patient records. Edit and update information with ease, search by name or by medical ID number, and manage the patient check-in process with ease. You can set up a patient in seconds with our handy ID scan feature.


Product Catalog

New Standards of Consistency

Weave has developed an extensive product catalog to help make adding products to inventory easier than ever. This means less time spent adding products manually eliminating data entry errors.



Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is simple to implement and administer. Weave supports all formats of barcodes on physical and digital loyalty cards.


Are you ready to streamline your operations?

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Summary of Benefits


Stress Free Inventory

Add/adjust inventory easily with our scan-only based system


Robust, Fast Reporting

Analyze any data quickly and easily to optimize the compliance of your business


Increased Accuracy

Modern barcoding and scanning technology built into Weave improves accuracy during the checkout process fostering compliance accuracy across the business


Reliable Uptime

Our infrastructure will result in near zero downtime giving you the confidence that mission critical systems are operational


Integrated Hardware

Easy plug n' play options for reliability across many devices



Our team will deliver world-class support whenever you need it


Traceability Compliance

Weave is a Certified vendor for state compliance systems streamlining your reporting requirements


API Ecosystem

Build apps on our platform or work with third parties to create something special with our API's


Intuitive Interface

Train new employees on Weave in a matter of hours, not days or weeks